Munnellys in the 18th Century

To Mayo county Edmund Monnely and eight others. Crimes not specified. “A list of the several convict felons and vagabonds which have been ordered for transportation in the several counties of the province of Connaught for Summer assizes 1735, to Summer 1743, inclusive, together with an account of what money hath been raised in that for transporting such felons and vagabonds.” He was sent to County Mayo.

Franciscan Cormuck Monnilly in 1743-4 at Moyne (probably Moyne Abby) p438 “The Irish Priests in Penal Times”

Father Thomas Monnelly was an active supporter of the Irish in 1798 during the ‘Year of the French” He was transported rather than hanged. I would interpret this to mean he was removed from the area. p98 “History of the of Rebellion in Ireland in the year 1798″ S. L. Corrigan

Munnellys in Colonial America

The early settlers of Maryland: an index to names of immigrants compiled .
By Gust Skordas

Name Liber Folio Remarks

Moneley, Ann 15 598 Transported 1678-9

Monley, Mary 15 598 ” ” 1678-9

Monniley, Anne WC2 211 ” ” 1679 servant

Monniley, Susanah WC2 211 “” 1679 servant

Who were the early settlers of Maryland: a paper …, Volume 3, Issue 12
By Ethan Allen, Maryland Historical Society

Edmond Monnelly, who emigrated from Ireland to America between 1735 and 1743. Source: House of Names This is very likely the same Edmund transported to Connacht in the earlier entry.

3 thoughts on “Munnellys in the 18th Century

  1. johncmunnelly

    I do not think that Fr. Monnelly was transported in 1798.
    In my family story he was working on the Eastren shore of Maryland in 1803. Regards, John C. Munnelly

  2. John E. Munnelly

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment. I live in Kalamazoo, MI, served in the U.S. Army for 33-years retiring as Colonel in 1980. I look forward to hearing from other Munnelly’s or derivitives of the name.Respectfully, John Munnelly


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